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Izon Fie Book and Audio CDs


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Izon Fie, is a self-study book and audio CD pacakaged in Izon and English languages. The aim of Izon Fie is to enable any interested person to gain a basic understanding of the Izon Language through reading,listening and writing.

Izon Fie (book and CD) covers topics including:

  • The Izon Alphabet
  • Common words
  • Izon names
  • Welcoming Visitors
  • Cooking food
  • Travelling to Nigeria
  • Greeting of elder family members
  • Visiting the village market and farm
  • Writing letters to family members

Listen to some sample audio clips from this 2 CD set

What is the word for come

How do we say go and come back

What is the expression for what is your name and how do you answer

What is your name?


About the Author:

Izon Fie was written by Mr O Ogonobenitari Alfred Egberipou. Mr. O.A. Egberipou is a retired Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Rivers State of Nigeria. His serious involvement in Izon Language started with the late Professor Kay Williamson in 1957 when she did her research work for her Ph.D. In linguistics In the language at Kaiama. Mr. O.A. Egberipou continues his work on the language. 

Mr. O.A. Egberipou taught Izon Language to non-Izon speaking students of the University of Port Harcourt for five(5) years, 1977-1982. They could speak, read and write and so had a good working knowledge of the language. The lectures are published in a book titled “Izon Tolumo- Learn Izon. 

From 2006-2011 he was a Field Research Officer and Lecturer in Izon Language at the Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. His serious work on the Izon language which started in 1957 has never waned and he continues writing books.